1. The business plan to launch The Haibeck Group is judged #1 by a group of bankers in a business planning competition hosted by Simon Fraser University.
  2. The Western Canadian product launch of “NovaBrik”, a revolutionary new mortarless brick-siding product, helps product distributor CCI Industries achieve record sales and results in the Vancouver Sun naming NovaBrik one of its “New Building Products of the Year.”
  3. An advocacy program to help fired SFU swim coach Liam Donnelly get his side of the story on the record in a controversial sexual harassment case reverses public opinion on the matter and results in Donnelly winning his job back, along with his reputation.
  4. A three-year corporate profiling program helps raise awareness in the business community about the various services, expertise and depth of resources offered by the Vancouver office of Price Waterhouse.
  5. The Crown Counsel Association of British Columbia retains The Haibeck Group to develop a public awareness program about the pressing need for the provincial government to negotiate a new compensation program for the province’s prosecuting attorneys. The campaign helps staunch the flow of crown attorneys to the private sector by bringing their compensation to scale with what their counterparts earn in other provinces.
  6. Over a five year period, The Haibeck Group helps Edelweiss Credit Union completely re-position itself in the marketplace (new logo; positioning statement; stationery package; brochures; annual reports; advertising campaign; direct mail program; media relations program). The program helps Edelweiss double in size and become one of the fastest growing financial institutions in British Columbia.
  7. Vancouver Sun business writer David Baines does a front-page business story on Babykins Products International (a cloth diaper manufacturer) and writes: “Babykins has also hired Haibeck Communications, one of the city’s most effective marketing and public relations firms, which has managed to garner publicity from almost every local news outlet in recent weeks.”
  8. How Now, Green Cow?”, a full-day workshop hosted by the Beef Information Centre, receives national media attention and helps dispel misinformation spread by environmental groups about the environmental hazards of the Canadian cattle industry.
  9. A media relations tour conducted by The Haibeck Group on behalf of Digital Equipment of Canada Ltd. to profile the world’s fastest computer chip (Alpha AXP) generates extensive media coverage, resulting in substantial demand for the new product.
  10. A proactive communications program aimed at food and beverage writers/opinion leaders helps Cincin Ristorante become widely recognized as one of the city’s top new restaurants. It also helps position the restaurant as part of "Hollywood North" -- the place where visiting actors, musicians and entertainers dine.
  11. Key business writers are invited to a “compost turning ceremony” at the Four Seasons Hotel to launch construction of Canada’s first industrial composting facility, built by Envirowaste Industries. The event -- and subsequent campaign -- helps Envirowaste secure raw materials contracts for the plant, communicate taxable benefits to the community and add significant value to the company’s shares.
  12. It’s Chile in Western Canada”, an integrated marketing and communications campaign produced on behalf of the Chilean Wine Producers Association, results in a 13% increase in the sale of Chilean red wine and a 19% increase in the sale of Chilean white wine over a 12-month period.
  13. Vancouver architect Peter Blewett is named one of the Vancouver Sun’s “Newsmakers of the Year” to cap off a media-relations program designed to profile the firm’s role in designing over $1 billion U.S. worth of new construction in China.
  14. The Haibeck Group becomes the first Canadian public relations firm to launch its own website. The website is later profiled as an example of how to market a company’s services on the Internet in the 1995 edition of the best-selling “Canadian Internet Handbook.”
  15. Mission Hill Winery receives international recognition and extensive media coverage after its 1992 Grand Reserve Chardonnay takes top honours at the International Wine & Spirits Competition. Media coverage of the award causes sales of the company’s Chardonnay line to triple, and certain vintages sell out within days.
  16. A video production process that allows parents to have their children become the star of their own cartoon video story receives coast-to-coast media attention in the period leading up to Christmas, resulting in a 500% increase in projected sales for Interactive Videosystems Inc.
  17. An exhibition of long-ball driving by PGA professional John Daly heralds the return of professional golf to Vancouver with the launch of the West Coast Golf Classic. The overall media relations program for the tournament generates in excess of $3 million worth of media coverage in Canada and the United States.
  18. A communications plan written on behalf of the B.C./Yukon Chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association becomes the blueprint for national communications activities on behalf of the Association.
  19. Prologic Computer Corporation achieves spectacular growth and wins numerous awards and contracts as its banking software technology is profiled on an international basis in consumer, business and trade publications.
  20. Tourism Vancouver retains Tom Haibeck to work directly with the organization's executive team in promoting Vancouver as a travel destination during the lead-up and hosting of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.



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