I work with companies and organizations to help them communicate more effectively with their key audiences – from employees and customers to shareholders, special interest groups, regulatory bodies, government agencies, the news media, and the community at large. The primary goal with those communications programs is to help my clients win recognition and support for who they are and what they do.

Clients value the knowledge and experience I can bring to their projects, along with the external, objective perspective I can provide. They also appreciate the candor I offer in assessing the various challenges (or opportunities) they might face, along with the solid judgment I can bring to bear in recommending a particular course of action.

Here is a summary of the services I offer to my clients:

  • Preparation of Written Materials – the drafting of press kit materials, speeches and presentations, text for websites, background documents, annual reports, newsletters, advertising and promotional copy

  • Communications Research and Planning – conducting required research to assist clients with the formation of communications plans aimed at achieving specific marketing and communications objectives

  • Strategic Communications Counsel – helping clients to navigate through difficult issues, anticipate emerging problems or manage the communications following some sort of crisis situation. My range of experience in this area is extensive -- including strikes, mergers, corporate restructuring, terminations, wrongful dismissals, sexual harassment, shareholder actions, industrial accidents, security breaches and various other issues or incidents that threaten an organization's reputation

  • Media Training Sessions – customized training sessions to help clients develop a higher level of understanding about the needs of the news media, along with one-on-one simulated interview sessions to help clients “practice” their interview skills prior to going “live.” For more information on media training, click here.

  • Media Relations Services – contacting key editors and journalists on behalf of a client to review story ideas and following up as necessary to help facilitate interviews, press conferences and briefing sessions

  • Planning and Ideation Sessions – the facilitation of (or participation in) meetings to brainstorm new ideas or to seek solutions for pressing problems or communications challenges

  • Special Event Planning – working with clients to help plan major events, such as grand openings, product launches and other corporate events

  • Litigation Support – assisting the law firms with their media communications in the midst of high profile litigation and hearings

I am available on an hourly, daily or retainer fee basis. For larger projects, I am always willing to write a proposal to identify the specific services to be provided and the anticipated costs involved in completing the project.

When necessary, I call in various other specialists to provide assistance (hence, the name, “The Haibeck Group”). Over the past 25 years, I have developed a network of key partners – most of whom are independent contractors like myself that have worked in large advertising agencies, design firms, print or broadcast outlets. They include photographers and videographers, graphic designers, printers, website developers, special event producers, marketing and public opinion researchers, advertising specialists and brand management experts.

Together, we can provide a comprehensive range of cost-effective marketing and communications services, from the development of national advertising campaigns to the production of high quality collateral materials, video news releases, audio-visual presentations and websites.


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